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About Specialized Protection

Specialized Protection is a professional security and personal safeguarding company founded and based in Miami, FL. We excel in providing your business interests or person an experienced, high-quality and affordable security detail. Whether you need a team of guards to protect your place of business or ensure that your event goes off without any hitches or unwelcome disruptions, armed escorts to ensure your goods arrive somewhere safely, or a personal guard, we are here to serve you.

Cutbacks to local, county and state law enforcement budgets have created a dearth of personnel available, empowering an even emboldening criminal activity. Specialized Protection is here to fill this void. Count on us to serve and protect when and where the men in blue cannot.

Our mission is to ensure your safety and the safety of your assets.

Press: Brickell Magazine, October 2016

Founded in Miami, FL, Specialized Protection is led by long-time law enforcement and security professionals who are dedicated to offering exceptional service. Their mission is to protect your businesses, goods and person. Totaling nearly 40 years of experience, Specialized Protection Services offers sharply-honed skills and invaluable real world skill sets in the fields of police and detective work, investigations, surveillance, the protection of valuable goods and high-profile personnel, operations management and more.

highest levels of protection services

What can Specialized Protection offer you? Our collective education, backgrounds and experience ensure
that you and your commodities can stay safe, in most any situation imaginable. We can personally
guarantee the safe transport of your invaluables, and guard your wares from theft or damage.
Count on us to secure you and yours.


Executive and personal protection

Bodyguard services

Personal property protection

Security guard services

Hand-carry Commodities transportation

Tradeshow guard services

Private event security

Place-of-worship security


Specialized Protection’s experience and integrity are unmatched in the industry today. Our leadership had undergone extensive training and possesses much real world experience, and our team members are carefully vetted and selected.

Some of our certifications include: firearms, security, investigation, law enforcement academy, and federal security training. Our firm is licensed and insured through the State of Florida, and our principals are firearms experts. Additionally, they may carry licenses in the states of New York and Nevada.

In addition, we are members of the Gemological Institute of America and the American Gem Society.

Our Clients

Who are Specialized Protection’s clients? The simple answer is anyone who is looking to secure or transport valuable commodities, keep high-end properties safe, any high-profile or high net-worth individuals looking to stay safe.

Here are just some of the fine organizations we are honored to call clients:

Joshua Hertz
Rina Limor
Hachar Law Firm

what OUR CLIENTS are saying

When our artists need protective services, we refer them to Specialized Protection & Security, with confidence that they will keep them safe and undisturbed.

Pierre HacharThe Hachar Law Firm

Thank you for efficiently arranging our last minute security needs in Miami. I also want to compliment your guards who were extremely professional and courteous. I was truly impressed! We look forward to using your services again in the near future and will definitely recommend your company to others in the Jewelry industry.

Rami UzielPartner - Rina Limor Fine Jewelry

Service Areas

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